Brochures and other collateral

Make your brochures memorable

One of the most effective marketing pieces you can write is a brochure. A glossy, colour brochure with beautiful photos and persuasive writing can be just the thing to make your products and services look so much better. A brochure can do multiple things:

  • Introduce your company to prospects online
  • Explain products in more detail
  • Offer a sampling of products to entice a customer
  • Provide sales staff with an aide memoire when visiting a prospect
  • Used as a reminder of your company at events such as trade shows

Our experience at JGC is to stress the benefits of your products instead of just naming the features. We steer clear of using industry-only jargon and keep content relevant to your products and services. Keeping things brief ensures you keep your reader’s interest, which makes for an easy and enjoyable read.

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