Interesting times at the inaugural Print Show

I was invited by Link Publishing, organisers of the new Print Show at the NEC, to provide a Large Format Diversification Clinic. This consisted of giving some free and independent advice to people looking to take the plunge into large format.


It was an interesting exercise and put me in touch with an area of the market that I am not too familiar with. I tend to speak to people that have recently bought a machine and want to tell me about all the good things they are doing with it. Seeing it from the other side, where people are nervously questioning the price of a machine and would they be able to justify it.

One chap summed up my advice as “Just go for it!” and in his case I think that was right. As a small printer, the last thing you want to do is hand over any business to your competitor down the road. If customers are asking for posters, print them posters. If this means investing in a machine, consider whether posters could be extended to banners, or vehicle graphics or wall paper and so on and so on. Business is all about taking considered risk and investment in wide format is exactly that.

The show itself has been quite lively with plenty of visitors and happy exhibitors. I think most people were in info gathering mode but I know of a few sales agreed at the show, which should certainly help with rebooking.

We are just coming to the end of the second day and the vibe is pretty good. We have enjoyed the blue wig people and their photo bombing shenanigans and now I am looking forward to a beer and good night’s sleep before the final day.


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