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Marketing that Works – Press Releases

In this time of blogs, tweets and so on, it is easy to forget the very important place still held by the humble press (or video) release. Journalists feed off the wealth of digital information, but to ensure you get the best possible media exposure they still need a press release with all the necessary facts and details that form the basis of a news story.

If you don’t have a PR agency or an in-house PR person, how can you get a press release written and distributed quickly and cost-effectively? That’s where JGC comes in. We can write a professional, media-friendly, press release from just a short interview with your experts, or from information you have already developed. We can then use our extensive media database to develop a comprehensive target list of publications from every media outlet in the UK and email the press release to all of them at the touch of a button. We can then monitor the web, social media and publications for coverage and help you amplify the news for further exposure.

Let JGC take the stress out of creating and distributing press releases. Call Jack or Annie now on 07966 661196 for more info or email jack@jgcmarketing.com

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